Super Star Summer Camp


Advanced Therapy Solutions is excited to announce its first therapeutic summer camp!

Camp for your superstar is in session, Monday through Friday from 9 AM-1 PM. At Camp Super Star, your child can learn and develop new skills in a nurturing and therapeutic environment. Sessions will be run by our staff Occupational, Speech, and Art Therapists.
Individual OT and SLP sessions can also be booked before, during, or after camp.
If you are interested, please call or email Katie at the office for more information.
P: (860)-721-9999
We look forward to seeing your child at camp!

Children ages 3-9 can work on a wide variety of skills in a playful and social setting including:

  • Social and Play skills based on the Social Thinking Curriculum
  • Art Expression & Sports to enhance fine motor and gross motor abilities
  • Eating and Feeding based on the SOS feeding approach
  • Sensory Processing abilities
  • Language and Communication Skills
  • Mindfulness and Zones of Regulation techniques to enhance emotional regulation