Advanced Therapy Solutions is dedicated to providing the best, customized care and support possible concerning every aspect of speech and language pathology. Improving your child’s speech and language communication is our ultimate goal and it all starts with providing individual therapy services each week. This type of therapy is a vital element of your child’s weekly program and allows your child maximum opportunity to work on his/her communication goals.

Our pediatric speech therapy is the best for our Speech Therapy Glastonbury customers. More importantly, it provides parents all the tools and essentials necessary for carrying out the skills learned in therapy each week. Each of our therapy sessions is also dedicated to speaking with parents and demonstrating specific strategies that are crucial to each child’s progress

In addition, in terms of clinics that treat communication disorders, we find ourselves unique in that we are able to provide the concierge service of a smaller practice and the amenities of a larger practice. Those amenities include several clinicians to serve a wide range of diagnoses, as noted above, plenty of rooms for various types of treatment, large, comfortable waiting rooms, and internal bookkeeping and scheduling in addition to a front desk attendant. 

We offer screenings, evaluations and therapy services for school age and young adult clients who present with a variety of articulation and language challenges. Our staff specializes in several areas of communication disorders such as apraxia, dysfluency, phonology, phonemic awareness, central auditory processing disorders and language delays.

Nearly everything about our structure is unique, so the end-product is a distinctive collection of methodologies, strategies, and programs all focused to make the entire process and experience much more effective and productive. 

As a child and family center practice, our focus is to improve speech, language, and communication skills. Therapy is geared to facilitate, encourage children and their families to attain targeted goals in all settings. Therapy is child-centered and family-friendly, embracing evidenced based developmental approaches.

Our goal is to improve your child’s quality of life with continued progress through personalized and proven methods of treatment. of speech and language disorders for Speech Therapy Glastonbury including:

• Communication impairments related to Autism Spectrum Disorders
• Receptive and/or expressive language delay
• Articulation disorder
• Speech and language impairments due to hearing loss
• Fluency disorders/stuttering
• Voice disorders
• Childhood Apraxia of Speech
• Social skills/pragmatic language impairments