Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Less than 24 hour cancellations & No-shows

We have very limited afterschool and Saturday time slots. Your child’s regular attendance in therapy is essential for the achievement of their therapy goals.

Please DO NOT text or email your child’s therapist with cancellations. You must email- or call 860-721-9999 and leave a message.

Please keep in mind the following policies:

  1. ALL no-shows will incur a charge of $60 per service. i.e. If your child has speech and OT back to back, you will be charged $120.
  2. All less than 24 hr. cancellations will incur a charge of $40 per service.
  3. An 80% attendance rate must be maintained in order to secure your “weekly reserved time slot.” If therapy attendance is less than 80%, we may ask that you call in at the beginning of the week for available time slots.
  4. Increase parent involvement. It is so important to teach and train parents/guardians on the techniques that we are using during therapy. Why we are using them and how you can carry them over at home. We encourage you to attend a minimum of 1 therapy session per month in which you are an active participant.

All clients should be receiving reminders of their appointments via email. If you are not receiving these, please check in with our office staff to update your information in our system.

Please reach out to our front desk if you would like to reschedule or schedule a makeup session for your child.