Haircuts by Marcie Petrucci COTA/L is coming back to ATS on Wednesday August 23rd 2023!

We have many families who express frustration surrounding haircuts. Often we are able to practice (using the ATS hair-cutting cape) the steps required for a haircut here at the clinic. On Wednesday, August 23rd from 3:00pm to 5:00pm, Marcie Petrucci COTA/L (also a professional hairdresser), has offered to schedule haircuts at the clinic.

Each haircut is $30 paid in cash to Marcie at the time of the session. This is only for a haircut. No washing or blow drying.

If your child desperately needs a haircut and struggles with the process, let their therapist know and we can work on the steps to getting a haircut in preparation for the real thing!

This service is ONLY FOR CURRENT OR PAST clients of ATS.

Click the link to sign-up: