Haircuts by Marcie Petrucci COTA/L is coming back to ATS in February! Stay tuned for more info coming soon.

Date and Times TBA

We have many families who express frustration surrounding haircuts. Often we are able to practice (using the ATS haircutting cape) the steps required for a haircut here at the clinic. Marcie Petrucci COTA/L (also a professional hairdresser), has offered to schedule haircuts at the clinic.

Each haircut is $30 paid in cash to Marcie at the time of the session. This is only for a haircut. No washing or blowing.

If your child desperately needs a haircut and struggles with the process, let their therapist know and we can work on the steps to getting a haircut in preparation for the real thing!

This service is ONLY FOR CURRENT OR PAST clients of ATS.