What We Offer - Occupational Therapy

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy (OT) is a diverse profession that addresses a wide variety of needs. The goal of an occupational therapist is to improve activities of daily living, which can include self-care skills, play skills, and school/academic performance. In order to improve performance in these areas, OT’s address skills such as fine motor development, sensory processing, motor planning, eye hand coordination and visual motor skills to name a few! During occupational therapy sessions, treatment is child guided and our therapists focus on creating the ‘just right challenge’ for your child. These challenges foster growth and development within your child, while maintaining excitement and motivation.

Our highly-trained therapists can help with the following areas:
  • Handwriting (visual-motor skills, awkward grip style)
  • Touch, sound, movement, and smell sensitivities that often result in:
    1. Difficulty with bath time, hair brushing/cutting
    2. Strong clothing preferences
    3. Avoidance of natural movement experiences on the playground
    4. Distractibility and difficulty paying attention
    5. Strong food preferences
    6. Avoidance of certain environments (public bathrooms, auditoriums, gymnasiums, etc.)
    7. Emotional lability
    8. Aggression towards self and others
    9. Withdrawal from everyday experiences
  • Attention, focus, organization, time management
  • Clumsiness and poor coordination
  • Eating and feeding- SOS and sensory-motor feeding approaches
  • Dressing, shoe tying, zippering, buttoning, etc.
  • Bike riding training
  • Age appropriate play skills with peers and/or siblings